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In fact, military life looks full to the brim with hard gangs and perilous war drolleries…But in case we argue military college generally and medical exams in particular, shouldn’t therapists be less cruel than officers with newbies? It is not so clear! And this martial vitality analysis of Anastasia looks the proof.

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We all ought to go through physical exam sometimes to prove that everything is well with our stomachs, lungs, hearts, etc.… Today 22 y. o. Katerina has to undergo a medic examination – a prodigy indeed, right? But what for does the male physician gape at her so that Katerina feels as shamed as all get-out?

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Who is the most desirable plaything and test bird for two military physicians (a man and a frau) to put her to shocking and forceful clinic tests? It is 18 y. o. doll Olga – a young glabrous chicklette who is so rebellious and valorous at the beginning and so abased and disconcerted at long last of this military physical examination!

After a nude complex of specific exercises – back bends, vaults, leg lifts, the bridge stand, Dhanurasana, etc – the young hospital plaything undergoes a particularized medical examination – measuring, chest inspection, neuro and rhino searches, temperature and blood pressure check. And these graceless physicians insert a speculum into her teen sweet snatch!

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Young army chicklette Vera is afraid of therapists and med surveys, but today she hasta pass a military vigor exam. What for? All martial chickies ought to be put to hospital ordeal betweentimes. Or else is it really possible to hold 100% healthful female forces?
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Some male therapists are so handsome and sexy (however, damn exacting ) that it is hard to meditate on something but flesh session at the somatic checkups done by them. Marina, that slim angel with tiny orbs, found herself about to sink in sex with this male physician today while getting through a medical inspection!

However, in the beginning, Marina is exceptionally discomfited and dishonored – the physician makes her become entirely raw and perform some sport workouts. After this he palpates her apples, cunt and nose, gauges her blood tension and temperature and…makes Marina cunt-rub (only as a trial, he, he!) right on the medical couch!

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What is going on? Oh dear, what a sacred rite is here? Why the fuck is Natalia on her knees, keeping in hand a metallic vessel and looking a sacrificer? And what for is this unclad amigo jerking off over her bowl? The reason looks unusual however, easy – you are invited at the specific medic class, where the couple of bad college rats re-pass the failed anatomy test!

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